Baby Porcupine

Mic is home from the east coast and we all agreed that this trip seemed extremely long. I suspect the change in the weather may be at the root of this feeling and of course missing our best friend and Papa.  Today the weather is beautiful, warm and sunny, and hopeful. Tonight Meg has a softball game where she shines. Under pressure she can hit a home run with bases loaded, and this is her power arena. Go Baby! Wednesday we have a World Series Game in our backyard. This is going to be FUN! GO GIANTS…The Bay Area’s anti heroes, what a dynamic group. That represents our free style life in the Bay Area.



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5 responses to “Baby Porcupine

  1. Paul

    Wow, a living pin cushion!

    Make sure you & Mic take time to rest and relax when the opportunity presents itself – you deserve it!

  2. Megan

    Thanks for coming to my game last night, and you got to see a win! I’m telling you, one more at bat and I would’ve gotten the cycle. Now if only I could field the ball… 🙂

  3. louie

    Careful he might porkupalm! lol u take alota good pictures! u should put a book out of all the fasinating pictures u took i bet that would sell good! was agreat bflo gig sorry didnt have any books left was lookin to get’em . so i bought another hat and then i took a chance and bought Docs hollywood cd. was very disappointed, thought i was listening to barry manilow! Expected to hear his baritone even but didnt . wow go Giants!

  4. Meggie

    Mom you haven’t posted anything in FOOORREEEEEEVER!
    Maybe an anniversary posting?

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