This morning at 2 am I opened the first box of books sent by the printer 3 days ago from Saint Louis and everything looked good. I started placing the cd in sleeves and securing them nicely in the back of the book. Mic left a few hours ago with the first 15 books fully assembled and ready for sale at a concert at Columbia College with Paul Contos and Dr. Rod Harris. http://www.uniondemocrat.com/News/Entertainment/Jazz-series-features-McFerrins-return

I have tried to put together a thoughtful book of recipes, original songs and ingredient information at an affordable price.  So, $7 was my goal and I made it.  There are 7 supper recipes and 7 songs for $7.  Email me with orders and I can calculate shipping and get them to you for Christmas. Mailing address for checks or money orders is Julia Gillette @ P.O. Box 244 West Point, CA 95255. Thanks!

Front Cover by Megan McCarthy




15 responses to “7 SUPPERS FOR SASSY SOULFUL COOKS By Julia Gillette

  1. lou

    will u have them for sale at the bflo gig ?

  2. Yes, Mic took about 15 to a gig tonight and didn’t have enough, they sold out real fast. I am not heading to NY I have too many things to do for the Music in the Schools program and my book. I will send as many as I can. I made them affordable and people are digging them. I’ll sign one for you and have him set it aside for you in Buffalo, if you want.

    • lou

      That would be Great! I’ll Prob go to the 10pm show! Thanks alot! Could you sign 2 books – “to louie”, and my twin sister, “to louise” ! Our b-day is the 27th! Haha people here know Good Food! I’m sure you’ll sell them like hotcakes! Wow just think? The Band Cooks – NOW YOU DO TOO!! Haha! email me if u want.. that would be more personal. I’m gonna spread the word! thanks . 🙂

  3. Outstanding! Can’t wait to read/hear/taste. I’ll send you a multiple order via USPS. What about getting on an NPR station for a feature story? I still have a few local and network contacts… if you’re interested, I’ll float it by some producers.

    • Sweet! Yes, I would love to get it on NPR. I am looking forward to your order. Everytime we have an interaction it makes me realize we were meant to meet! Good things do come out of government work. ~ Julia

  4. Louie…Mic left at 2 am and I did not hear back from you. I will ask Mic to save to copies for you, but I didn’t sign any. We’ll get it right. Thank

  5. Jaime

    Save one for me!!!!!

  6. You got it. 2 parties….West Point and Concord

  7. Mic

    We are all so excited about this release. It’s a win/win situation for everyone. Julia has labored and researched this subject for years, and the book w/cd is a Volume 1 item. Not only that, you can get the first edition, plus some unreleased music. I can’t wait until she gets volume 2 done, it’s already in the works. I am so proud of her, not to mention Megan’s nifty artwork. Just like Ear Candy, a true family project, this time with Julia at the helm. Enjoy!

  8. Mic

    Just wanted to let you know the names of some of the musicians on the cd;
    Chester Thompson
    Jerry Cortez
    Eric Westphal
    Bill Champlin
    The Entire MGB Band
    Johnny Bamont
    Ric Duncan
    and many other fine Bay Area musicians. All original tunes

  9. Tricia

    Hi Julia,
    I saw Mic last Saturday night in Columbia. Amazing!!! I tried to get a few cookbooks but they were sold out. I ordered one from Paypal but it would only let me get 1. I would like a few more. Can I get them directly from you?


  10. Mic

    They’re disappearing fast out here on the East Coast, Baby. I TOLD you you’re not charging enough! The book alone is worth much more. The guys in the band are digging it!

    • Julia

      Thanks Mic…but it is my wish to make this book affordable, so that it can reach a lot of people. I want to save the world a recipe and a song at a time..:) Love you

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