Seattle Aquarium, Bainbridge Island and Jazz Alley

We visited the Seattle Aquarium and it was a lot of fun learning about the fish and critters that live in and near the Puget Sound. We also took a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island to get away from the city and enjoyed being on the water. The last  gigs at Jazz Alley were Sunday, then we flew home on Monday.

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3 responses to “Seattle Aquarium, Bainbridge Island and Jazz Alley

  1. Meggie

    Aren’t sea creatures awesome? I can’t even imagine what’s in the extreme depths that hasn’t been discovered.

  2. Julia

    I agree..I was in awe the entire time about how many creatures there are in the sea. There was a huge halibut and they are so cool the way they swim on there sides, but start out swimming like the other fish. The river and sea otters are my favorites.

    • lou

      GREAT PICTURES! Thanks for sharing them! It’s like you went deep sea diving! lol u in deep sea suit faceboard! Nice pictures of Mic! Good to see you take timeout to enjoy yourselves! See ya soon!!

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