Been too long!!!

Well the book is in the proof stage, and I have been busy checking it over and over!!! I am sure I will miss something that drive me crazy later! I have a few pictures from the recent TOP Giants game I would like to share and YES that is Barry Zito… Also I have a picture of the amazing sky we saw on the way up to Boomtown.  I am sorry to see the end of summer. We will be heading to San Diego, which will be a swimming opportunity.





2 responses to “Been too long!!!

  1. Mary & Tommy

    I can hardly wait to get my hands on your book……Great Pics of the game…..I agree about summer – it has been much too short this year….

  2. Great Photographs. Hoped you got off the boat and walked into downtown Bainbridge Island.
    We would have followed you around like a bunch of 55 year old groupies when we saw Mic on the boat but our careers ( at Microsoft, Boeing and a City Mayor) and pride wouldn’t allow it. You should turn into a travel agent and begin charging us to tour with ToP. Money could go to the HS Music Programs.

    See you on your next Northwest visit.

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