Great Barrington

August 1st Great Barrington          Show Day

11:45am                           Crew Lobby Call  – 1 blk

12:00pm                                  Load In

5:00pm                               Sound Check – 1 blk

5:30pm                                   Dinner

6:00pm                                   Doors

*7:00pm                                  TOP – 90 mins




4 responses to “Great Barrington

  1. I’ll be coming all the way from Montreal, Canada. It will be the first time I see the band with Mic. Can’t wait for the show!

    I even have a TOP cover band here in Quebec.

  2. Mic

    The end is near. Can’t wait to get home. This is an old revolutionary and Civil War town. Remember the Civil War? Brass vs Reeds? Brass won, but they assassinated our president

  3. Carl

    Never trust reeds – they break too easily, and they sound funny. (Double-reeds are worse).

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