July 1st – July 18th
Tour at a Glance
July 2 Lugano, Switzerland Arrive / Day Off
July 3 Lugano, Switzerland Estival Jazz Lugano
July 4 Opatija, Croatia Libumia Jazz Festeval
July 5 Belgrade, Serbia Summer Time Festival
July 6 Arnhem, Netherlands Travel / Day Off
July 7 Arnhem, Netherlands Day Off
July 8 Arnhem, Netherlands Luxor Live
July 9 Rotterdam, Netherlands North Sea Jazz
July 10 Luxembourg Blues Express Festival
July 11 Neuhardenburgh, Germany Travel / Day Off
July 12 Neuhardenbugh, Germany Day Off
July 13 Neuhardenburgh, Germany Schlosspark
July 14 Mainz, Germany Volkspark
July 15 Vigevano Italy Vigevano Castello Strorzesco
July 16 Straubing, Germany Travel / Day Off
July 17 Straubing, Germany Jazz an der Donau
July 18 Travel Home From Munich
It was a long and very hot tour. Mic was super glad to be home, but left only after a few days to go to Seattle, then back east, which is also experiencing extreme weather. Here are a few pictures from the tour.

The band stayed at Schloss Neuhardenburg the castle where an attempt on Hitler’s life was planned. Valkyrie was a 2008 movie portraying this plot. Side Note: no air conditioning.



4 responses to “Europe

  1. Carl

    That’s a brutal schedule. Hang in there, Bro!

    • Mic

      Extremely brutal as it turned out. Mostly outdoor festivals in 100+ degree heat, except when it poured like a beast. Then, to top it all off, I got a mild concussion on the bus a few days before the tour was over. The road is kicking my ass and I really miss my family and my home. On our way to Atlantic City to play with AWB again. Home soon, Baby.

      • Carl

        Something to lighten your day:
        At Comic-Con last week, my friend Dave organized a bunch of us to walk past Stan Freberg’s booth, muttering “Rumble, rumble, rumble, mutiny, mutiny, mutiny!”
        Stan was tickled pink.

  2. I agree…the flights, food and weather are “no fun”. The road is hard at best. I am making you one of my signature dishes when you return..Enchilada Mole Cazuela. How about a peach blueberry smoothie too? The mountain menagerie misses you!

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