We Had A Ball!

Mic was invited to play the National Anthem at the Giants game by Mario Alioto and it was a big “YES”. The Giants played the Red Sox and it was a great game! The Giants won. Mic and I and Meg and her family were all treated to great seats and field access, as well as great parking and a ball signed by Lincecum. He has agreed to played it again on August 13th! Here are some pictures from a sweet day!

Batting Practice

Mic talking with Krukow

Field pic


View from our seats

Show Time

Mic on the Big Screen

Leaving the Yard

We'll Be Back




5 responses to “We Had A Ball!

  1. Exactly how we felt when you guys treated us so special at the TOP concert in Stockton. I’m sure none of us will ever forget that. Thank you.!!!!!

  2. Mic

    I grew up a Giants fan, watching Mays, McCovey, Cepeda, Marichal, Perry, et al, and even though I love the A’s, Giants are my baseball roots. It is an honor to play our National Anthem anywhere, any time, so when Mario Alioto asked, I jumped at the chance. My family, who are more supportive than even I can believe, all came along and were treated like royalty all night. We got to go onto the field during batting practice, got incredible field level seats, and were fed as well. They gave me a current team shirt with my name and Orlando Cepeda’s retired number on it.
    I can’t wait to go back and do it again, maybe next time on trombone. I’m the new Utility Player!
    Tuba is next?

  3. Paul

    Fantastic, Mic! I saw the video on YouTube, and dug your nod to “Still a Young Man.”

    B certainly KA in your capable hands!

  4. Carl

    Any horn you use will sound great!

  5. louie the lip

    have a big smile on my face! thats wonderful! what a rush that was huh!? think of you often! have a great summer! been hot and humid here in bflo. best regards xx

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