7 Sacred Pools AWESOME swimming holes

During Mic’s difficult to trip to Japan our family missed spending time together for Mic’s Birthday and Mother’s Day, so Mic, Megan and I decided to celebrate both events we missed, as well as Meg’s Birthday in Hawaii. We did it right and will remember this awesome vacation forever. TOP did two gigs, one on Oahu at The Blaisdell Center and another on Maui at the The Cultural Arts Center. We didn’t let work slow us down. We started at Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore, then traveled to the Royal Hawaiian in Waikiki, and finally our last 4 days were at the Fairmont on Maui.

Happy Mic starting to cop a Hawaiian Groove

Turtle Bay Resort

Loving as the sun goes down

Rough Tuesday

Hanauma Bay Preserve ~ Great snorkeling

Water Buffalo on the road to Hana

View from the Lanai at the Fairmont

Yep! The beach and a great day together




3 responses to “Hawaii!!!!!!

  1. Meg


  2. Mic

    I just need to know when we can go back. We ALL needed that to recharge our batteries.

    • Hawaii is one of the few places where I can go and forget about all the mundane and funky stuff, such as bills. I love that feeling when I am in the moment and all is good. I agree let’s plan the next trip soon.

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