Barstow Jr High Jazzhawks Show

Upon returning from Hawaii we immediately left for Barstow on the way to Las Vegas for 3 shows at Southpoint Casino. Dan Barilone is the music director at Barstow Jr High and was a great host.  It was GREAT to see such support for the music program in that community considering all the attacks upon music during budget cuts . The mayor, members of the city council, and school board members were there to support the kids. I wish all communities would join together to help keep music in the schools. The program made money and the kids were so excited about the concert and they were just great to work with.   Mr. B has developed a great little band and it is exciting to see a dedicated teacher making a difference. Congratulations on a terrific and inspirational show and to Roxii who sold 59 tickets to the show and got a free lesson from Mic!! We hope to come back soon! Thank You Barstow and Dan Barilone!

Proclamation establishing June 10, 2010 as Mic Gillette Day

Key to the City of Barstow and Yes it serves as a bottle opener!

Mr. B and the Band!

The Jazzhawks

Mic working with the band

Mic with the Mayor and Mr. B getting his very cool awards!!!!!



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5 responses to “Barstow Jr High Jazzhawks Show

  1. Meg

    That is the coolest damn thing. It gets me all choked up 🙂
    Good job mom and dad, you guys rocked it.

  2. Mic

    I was blown away with the reception and community support in this sleepy little stopover town in Southern California. The band was both ready and receptive, and our hosts were way over the top. Julia and I were both treated with class and respect, and when the proclamation and key to the city were presented, I could hardly control my emotions. What a great day and a great experience. Thanx Dan, the school staff, the Mayor, City Council and School Board, and especially the Students for seeing this come true. I’ll be back, that’s for sure. – Mic

    • Dan

      You Sir, worked your magic with my kids. They’re still buzzin’ about the whole thing. When you come back, they don’t want anyone else to play with you, only them – I’ll work on that one. Thanks Mic for the whole thing – clinic, concert, TOP concert – it was great. You are the man!


  3. Mic

    We have a whole new set of friends….for life!


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