Mic’s Birthday Dinner

After Mic returned from Japan I decided a birthday dinner was appropriate. I made a homemade pizza and a chocolate gateau with rasberry sauce. 

Birthday Cake

Cake with rasberry sauce

"Beer Belly" home-made dough with home-made sauce, roasted garlic, low-fat mozarella and portobella mushrooms!

Here they are and yes they were awesome.




3 responses to “Mic’s Birthday Dinner

  1. Carl

    Wow. Now I’m really hungry!!! 🙂

  2. After a dismal birthday in Japan I finally got a great dinner at home. The beer belly pizza gets its name from the beer in the dough, not from my girlish figure (pregnant girl). It was fabulous, and the birfday cake was the best ever. Thanx Baby. ~ Mic

  3. louie the lip

    Happy Birthday Mic! t.o.p always in my thoughts and good wishes. God bless you and whole family for making your rounds to see your lifelong fans its very appreciated! hope you had a chance to eat the best pizza in the world while you were in Buffalo. i’ll show you around next time, buffalo’s pretty cool. Luv ya man,


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