The band was well received at the Billboard Live in both cities. Two shows a night for 3 nights in Osaka and 4 in Tokyo. The band was passing a cold around and Mic brought it home to me.  The fans are knowledgeable in Japan and stand up during the entire show, but during solos they squat down, so everyone behind them can see the soloist.

Mic visited the Yamaha facility in the Ginza District called Atelier and met master craftsman Mr. Aoyagi. Yamaha has been great to work with and they are actively developing horns for Mic to play. Mic was recently accepted as a Yamaha Artist and clinician and they are great supporters of music in the schools.

Mic really missed home cooking and the web cam showed that he was eating too much salt. The sodium content was high in the foods and Japan is the main source of MSG. Flavor enhancers are just bad.

The food prices were very high and he didn’t want to say bad things, but finding a good organic meal in the city was impossible.

I don’t have any pictures. I didn’t want Mic to turn on his cell phone, because our phones on the European trip costs us almost a $1,000 dollars, so he rented a phone, which worked out well financially.

We are heading to Hawaii soon and there will be LOTS AND LOTS of pictures.

Seeya soon~ Julia




3 responses to “Japan

  1. Carl

    I wonder how the Yamaha will compare to the Marcinkiewicz. Only time will tell, I guess.
    Get well quickly!

    • Mic

      Interesting sidenote, Hawaiian/Japanese trumpet great Eric Miyashiro sat in with us one set and played What Is Hip and Young Man. Great player with fabulous lead range. He brought with him one of my old 6″ bell Martin Mic Gillette trumpets, which I played for that set. I had forgotten how warm and open that horn plays, just a notch below my Marcinkiewicz Rembrandt. This particular trumpet was used for years as part of a skit Jerry Lewis did in his annual MD Telethon.
      I’m doing a little better now, thanx, just dealing with some serious jetlag.

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