Happy Birthday Mic – Hurry Home!

Mom and I made a birthday card for you, it’s on youtube.com. It’s not much, but we all love you so much and want to give you a decent birthday even though you’re lightyears away.
Love you and Happy Birthday
(hit the link below)



14 responses to “Happy Birthday Mic – Hurry Home!

  1. Paul

    Happy Birthday, Mic!

  2. Happy Birthday Mic…..!!! I just saw the video for you, it’s awesome and I’m sure it brought a big smile to your face.

  3. Mic

    Thank you all so much for taking the time and energy for that. You have no idea how far away I feel right now. I have the most thoughtful and gracious family and I miss you so much. This is my first birthday I’ve spent away and I’m having trouble handling it all. I love you – Mic

  4. Carl

    Happy birthday, Mic! Many happy returns!

  5. Jaime

    Hey, you made it… Happy Birthday!! Lets go for another!!

    • Mic

      Jaime, you little devil you! When are you coming back for a visit? The Cozy Cabin beckons you! – Maguro Mic

      • Jaime

        As soon as possible! Was that the Cozy Cabin beckoning me?…. Felt more like The Acadamy Club. Have a great vacation with the Girls.
        — Ginger Gim

      • Mic

        Julia had occasion to visit the Academy Club last Saturday night, and Megan waited in the car. We haven’t seen or heard from Julia ever since. Just kidding. They were all asking when you’d be back and your picture was on the wall. Waddup widdat?

  6. Happy Birthday Mic!!!!! Vic says you’re probably somewhere between here and Japan!



    Love La Tanya, Vic, Travis, Elizabeth & Whitney Vicena!!!!

  8. Mary & Tommy

    Sorry to be so late – but we want to wish you a belated Happy Birthday and many – many more – you are a very lucky man to have such a wonderful family and many – many friends and fans who love you the way they do….Sorry you came home sick – but I am sure your vacation with your two girls will make you all better…….right – Bless you for being you……..Hugssss, Me and Mr. T

  9. Dave Boyatt

    Happy Birthday!!! I’m sorry I am late! Teaching high school band keeps me running in circles- some day I will catch up to my tail. I have the CDs done from the Enochs High Jazz Concert and I will get it to you ASAP. Julia I miss talking to you on a weekly basis. It was great having you both in my life when we were working on the concert. I’m off to Disneyland for my daughter’s band but I will need a shirt and hat when I get back.

    Take Care!
    Dave Boyatt

  10. Toronto Rob

    Happy belated birthday Mic. I’ve seen you about 10X since you rejoined TOP and I really love watching how much fun you’re having on stage. You truly seem happy. You ARE the real deal MG!!

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