Donner Party and School Lunches

Ok , I just read a story from a source that appears to be credible about the Donner party, which suggests the stranded pioneers did not eat one another. Apparently, the bones left at the doomed “stranded site” were that of the family dog and other domesticated animals. Mic, Meg and I have discussed this story on many occasions over the years (as I suspect many have) as we traveled by the location in which they fell upon hard snows. As a resident of this area I understand the radical change of weather that occurs without a warning. This was a heavy story to me in that the survivors were accused of eating the others, and now after they have all passed, the story has reversed dramatically.  Well, I hope there will be an update on this new discovery. Sometimes the most interesting story’s just go away.

And, why are we asking government to revise school lunches? Shouldn’t this be a “grassroots” movement. Come on people, there is strength in numbers! Remember the 60’s (that’s a joke), if nothing else, hope was alive.




3 responses to “Donner Party and School Lunches

  1. Mic

    I’ve always struggled with the Donner Party story. I mean, I’ve BEEN to parties like that, but the pets are always more expendable than actual family members. Well, SOME family members. Let’s see what develops with that
    As to the government taking control over the food we eat, that is a highway to hell. Grassroots level actions will take particular communities interests more to heart, and THOSE are going to vary greatly from village to village. I work with alot of schools and families and I think they need to have a strong voice in these goings-on.

  2. Paul

    Have you seen any of the TV coverage of chef Jamie Oliver’s efforts to improve the quality of the food being served in public schools in Virginia? Based upon what’s being shown on TV (I know, I know), he seems to be interested in fomenting a grass roots movement, but is being thwarted by entrenched interests on all sides; meanwhile, obesity, high blood pressure, and myriad other maladies grow worse with each passing week.

  3. Carl

    As for the Donner party… unless they were all completely incompetent, the odds of them being utterly without food long enough for cannibalism to be the only viable option are pretty much nil. Even in the worst blizzard, the area teems with life, and anyone who had led even one party cross country in that era would have been a good enough hunter to find enough to survive. Yeah, it might gotten thin, making the animals … disposable, but I never bought the story.

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