Two Florida gigs down and a very long bus trip to Philadelphia to play a private corporate gig. Mic said the bus stopped at the Cracker Barrel today, so the guys could grab some breakfast.  It’s a coffee shop and has salty food like most of the chains. Well I should have some pictures soon. Meanwhile here is a picture of Popeye’s Bella Burger with a homemade bun. It was a part of our family Easter feast. We also built a round pen for the horses in between raindrops! J

Popeye's Bella Burger




2 responses to “Florida…

  1. Megan

    I wish I could have one right now! Best Easter feast ever!

    • Mic

      I’ll drink to THAT! Can’t wait to get home. The raod is kicking my butt. I loved Easter and the arena we all built that day. Get ready girls, here comes Papa. I love you guys

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