Happy Birthday Dad!

Dad is on the far right.


My father was one of those people who was so “alive and tough’ that it is hard to believe he is not here.  Joe was one of seven brothers, and he is shown here with Amalia (my grandma), Ernie, Al and Lou (3 of his brothers) My grandparents immigrated from Spain via ships and settled in Hayward near the Hunt’s factory near downtown. Hayward was the brother’s stomping grounds. My Dad was a Golden Gloves boxer and one tough son of a gun. We miss you!



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9 responses to “Happy Birthday Dad!

  1. Mic

    Julia was his baby girl, and I understand all about having one of those. We miss you every day, Joe. -Love, Mic

  2. Karen Martinez Alcon

    Happy Birthday Uncle Joe…
    He was my favorite and I always made sure to go see him when he was with my Dad…My dad misses him so much…they were best buds and fished togeather alot…they told some funny storys about their trips ..one was when they were fishing and my dad had yours get in the boat (its so small) ..my dad pushed the boat out in the water and tried to jump in..hence dumping them both..they were all caught up in the fishing junk and two kids came” to rescue ” them..the two kids told them all they had to do was stand up…these two macho men flailing about in the water…it makes me laugh to remember them telling me this story..naturaly they blamed each other…i would meet your Dad at the golf course every once in awhile to pick stuff up for my Dad…He is a good man…and my Dad and I do miss him…

    • Mic

      Hey, Karen, how nice of you to add that story. I got to know your Dad when Joe was having such a hard time, and we got to be friends. Julia was very happy to see that you found us this way. Please don’t be a stranger in our lives, and give our love to Ernie and Marilyn. Mr & Mrs King!

      • Karen Martinez Alcon

        Good Afternoon…
        yes i found this site by accident…i beleive it was thru the Heart Assc. site that led me to TOP /your site..hence it then led me here…I enjoyed your travels thru Europe…Quite interesting..Daniel and I will be in Europe for 6 weeks this summer…but only Spain and Italy
        My father has always kept in touch with all the family in Spain and my husbands family comes from the same village as our grandmother…hmmm I hope we arent related…lol ..anyways it was good to make contact finally.. I normally dont… but Uncle Joe was the man…Take care..and here is my email if you want to keep in touch… I prefer it rather then open forums..kalcon2126@aol.com

      • Hello Karen… we are supposed to go to Italy this summer as well, but only for a few dates…no Spain yet, but soon. Grandma’s village is pretty small I hope you aren’t related. We miss Dad and Mom every day. Thanks for your soulful comments and safe travels. Julia

      • Karen Martinez Alcon

        Good Morning..
        yes Iam more excitied to go to Italy then Spain…the villages are awful remote..but Id like to see the home land of our ancestors I do have pictures of the ship Grandma came over to Hawaii on..and the ship manifest its really interesting……and Italy is well my dream vacation..so we are doing 3 weeks in one 3 weeks in the other…I know that I will never go back so make it a good one the first time and see all there is to see..My girls have been to Spain with my dad at various times thru out the years he has gone about every 5 years since 1975… and I email a couple of cousins..so I do have contacts there…When you and your husband go plan the trip in Sept..thats when all the villages have festivals for like 6 days…tho I dont drink…the excitment of the happenings sounds really cool… Well take care..safe journeys to you and Mic on your various travels…This is a cool sit..Glad ya set it up..

  3. R.D.Zavala

    Dear Julia,
    I enjoy your posts very much and today is very special as you are speaking to the life of your Father.
    It is so good to know that you are thinking of him on his birthday and remembering his goodness.
    The soul never dies as long as we remember.
    Blessings to all your family.

    • I remember my first dance with my Dad…Chubby Checkers and the Twist in our family room in San Lorenzo and I remember my last dance with my Dad in Sonora at a gig in Sonora with Mic’s band. It was a slow song, and we hugged. When we danced that night, somehow I knew that it may be the last dance with my father. He will always be my dance partner!

  4. Megan

    Happy Birthday Papa. I miss you.

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