New York

Times Square

The last time Mic and I were in NY TOP played the Bottom Line, we stayed at Milford Plaza and Rick Harper was the road manager. Oh and yes, I got pregnant with Meg! Mic went solo this time and he said it was SUPER crowded and cold.

From Berkeley to Broadway. We saw this show in Berkeley with Meg and it was great!

Green Day on Braodway

 Meg went twice.


BB Kings..Al Chez and Lenny Pickett sat in and Montel Williams attended

NY always has notable visitors sitting in and showing up. Mic is smiling here with Al Chez from the David Letterman Band and Lenny Pickett with the Saturday Night Live Band is on the other side of Doc. Montel Williams showed up with his parents and they were gracious and kind. Montel was walking with a cane, and doing well.


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  1. Carl

    Sounds like a lot of fun! What is Al playing on now? He used to have a Wild Thing, but that horn looks different.

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