Dallas, Baby!


These Dudes are for you Matt!!




3 responses to “Dallas, Baby!

  1. Mic

    These guys are in a Tower cover band in Dallas called Urban Renewal. They all had tickets for the show and had a chance to see/hear sound check. Nice guys, very respectful, and thrilled to be there.

    • Matt Martinez

      Thanks, I’ve talked to Gary many times and they love the East Bay music. I glad they had a good time and thank you for being a great Host. You’re right in saying they’re nice guys, and they were thrilled to be there.

  2. Nice. Thanks so much for the plug, Mic, and for setting it all up, Matt.

    From left: Wendel Williams (lead vocal), Dave Zych (guitar), Me (trumpet), Steve Keltner (roadie), Gary McMullin (keyboards).

    You were such a gracious host Mic, and Roger and Jerry really went out of their way after sound check and again after the gig to talk with us about their gear, how they approach the book, and stuff like that. We sincerely appreciate all the time you guys spent with us.

    We’re back on stage next weekend and two weeks after doing club dates, then an area festival a couple of weeks after that opening for The Fabulous Thunderbirds. Gonna be a lot of East Bay funk in the air in Big D.

    Thanks again for everything guys, and I hope we can meet up again next time the bus brings you to Dallas!

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