I am going to share an email from Bob Burchfield about his experience going to the TOP show in Detroit…. Happy Spring all!

Dear Julia,

Well, all I can say is that it was DEFINITELY worth the wait. Mic did not disappoint. What a tremendous musician. He raises the level of everyone’s performance, plus he brings to the stage a certain playfulness, sense of humor, and lightheartedness that keeps things loose and upbeat. It’s a significant change from what I’ve observed in the past. I love it.

I’m just sorry that the occasion was overshadowed by Skip’s untimely death. I talked to Skip a couple of times on the phone back in 2002, and we had e-mailed several times, but I never got to meet him. My loss.

Hey Bob I couldn’t post your picture I need it in a different format!!! I am glad you enjoyed the show~ Julia




2 responses to “Detroit

  1. Carl

    Gotta say he nailed it. Mic brings more than just superb musicianship to the stage – he’s an *entertainer*.

  2. Mary

    What can I say – He is the best – a real natural at what he does – and he loves every minute of it ……ToP is the greatest – each and every one of the guys are real entertainers and together their music is great……Thanks to all, Mary

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