Good Bye to a Friend

Mic received a call last night from David Garibaldi about Skip Mesquite. Skip was battling cancer and lost the battle last night. Mic was heart-broken to lose a friend he has known, since he was 6 years old.  We all send our thoughts and best wishes to his wife, Nancy, and their children and grandchildren.  I have attached a photo with Mic’s last gig with Skip at Liberty High School in Brentwood. Also shown in the picture is Stevie Keys ~  Julia

Liberty High Concert




23 responses to “Good Bye to a Friend

  1. Carl

    Well…. damn. Skip was a great player. I never got to meet him, but the stories I’ve heard also say he was a great guy.

    He’ll be missed.

    • Mic

      Thanx, my brother. Skip had a tough last year, just like Herb and Ray. The fights are over and the jam session upstairs just got another great guy. May they keep chairs open for us all.

  2. Mary

    Sorry to hear of your loss – we didn’t know him – but he must have been a great guy and terrific friend – and so hard when you have been friends for so many years…….we love you and our thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of sorrow………….hugssssssss, me

    • Mic

      Thanx Aunt Mary. This getting older stuff has some really sucky side effects. Shuffling off to Buffalo today where we play tomorrow. I miss you guys. You should go by the house and
      meet the herd if you can, Julia needs a little human contact. Love to you all – Mic

  3. Mic

    At tonites gig in Detroit Emilio dedicated Funkifize to our fallen comrade Skip. He said the first time we came to this city Skip was in the band and that the Tower had lost a tried and true family member and we all sent prayers out to him and his family. We are all sorry we won’t be back from this trip in time for his memorial. I have been receiving calls and emails from so many people about this and to you all I say thanx and never forget this fine gentle man.

  4. louie muscato

    Welcome to Buffablow! alright Buffalo!!!!! hahaha! Blow Cats Blow!!!! C ya 2nite!!!

  5. David Klegman

    Played in a band called Plasmatic Conception. Dave and skip were a staple in the garage band communitythere in Castro Valley.. Bristol Box Kite. Lost touch with them but ran into Skip a few times in years past. I send my prayers to his family and friends.
    Rock on my friend.

  6. Rino Sclippa

    One of the old “neighborhood” kids has gone ahead. Our families grew up together. We played in all the school bands together-through Chabot. Skip transformed from US Mail into Tower of Power, and the rest is history. God Bless Skip.
    My sympathy to Nancy, Herman, and all who knew and were influenced by him and his music.

  7. Rex Jackson

    Loved Skip…knew him since 1978 and he was always “fun”, willing to make the situation fun for everyone…sorely missed.

  8. Marlene

    To Mic and all the others that played so well together it is a great loss of a great person and Musician.. I met you a couple times Mic in Oakdale and Gallo Center… I am Skip’s cousin Marlene and attended the Memorial today… Yes, I believe he is making a racket up there Jammin’
    God Bless you all and keep up the Music for us all..

  9. Lawrence Gee

    Never got to meet Skip. But when the “East Bay Grease” album first came out and I heard his raw solos, they were like magic. And I knew the young man (only 5 years older than me) behind those notes was just letting it all flow out naturally. And his singing on “Gone” from the Bump City album is one of the most special and unique things on that album. Listening to it now. Thank you Skip. Condolences to his family and friends.


  10. Skip and I shared the same birthday, May 29, I’m a couple years ahead of him. We were neighbors and friends for over 40 years. I’m going to call Mic or Emilio for his addrss so I can send my condolences to Nancy. He will be missed by all he touched and I’m saddened by the loss. I’ll put on Sparkling in the Sand and think about Skip. Aloha, Frosty

  11. When Skip was active in The Way Ministry, he engineered/produced a recording I was playing on. Previous to this, I had seen his credits on a Pointer Sisters album….and I mentioned that during the sessions…what a cool guy…he played it off. A blazin’ player, wow…

  12. Ray

    Will miss Skip’s music and talent….

  13. Howard Walker

    I lived with Skip & his family during my first year on staff at HQ. A nicer, more humble guy, especially for one with such awesome talent, you will never meet. He was an inspiration to me to reach for the highest levels in my own field.

    What a great loss to the music world and his family. See you at the return old friend!

  14. Izzie Dryer

    Ray told me of Skip’s passing….I am so sorry that there’s a hole in everyone’s heart who knew him well. I can’t say I knew him well, but I will always remember how kind & gracious he was when playing for & with school kids, or even for a 50 year old’s shockingly wonderful surprise birthday party. I’ll always remember his wonderful smile & his humbleness, as if he wasn’t a natural master horn player.

  15. Cathy Mintz Munnerlyn

    Back in the spring of 1980, I went to a Take a Stand Caravan, & got to meet the musicians afterwards. I was talking to Skip about going WOW, but that I hadn’t signed-up yet. He immediately pulled out a sign-up card, & he started looking around for a pen handing both of them to me. So I signed-up right then & there, & he promised he’d get it turned in for me..Needless to say I had a great year.. And I got to thank him again personally in Phoenix where I was sent WOW after a Takit concert. Great man-see you again some day!!

  16. James French

    Sorry to hear about skip. He was my twig leader at Word In Fine Arts (Music, Art etc.) in Rome City, Indiana, 1977 I believe it was. He was a great person and of coarse a great musician whom I had seen play before I was even in the Way at the San Mateo Fair Grounds years before that. Sorry to hear he had a lot of difficulty his last year here. It is now June 13, 2010, this is the first I heard of it.

    On a lark I went to greasespot, which I have not done for a long time, because of treatment I received by several individuals, I said, thats it, I will hardly ever come back, and certainly not post. But I saw the link and had to see and had to say something in tribute. James

  17. I was looking to see if anyone has the old “takit” vinyl record on mp3 (no where to be found) and found this. Very sad.

  18. May God bless the family individually and collectively with His peace and comfort and encouraging love that can come only from our wonderful Lord! God is faithful! I had the honour and priviledge of meeting, having fellowship, and recording music for Gods people with Skip as well as other believer musicians over a 2 week period years ago in Ohio…He was truly a man of great love for the Lord, and His people…his talent, inspiration, insight, and musical ability across so many levels were awesome to behold and a joy to be a part of. praise God for the gathering together….lets never forget our Hope..thank you mucho Skip, I won’t forget our brief time together by Gods Grace…

  19. Chuck

    I’m remembering the ole’ Back to Oakland days with Nancy C and David G, Steve Z and the gang from the Berkeley twig on Oxford by the UC Campus, Hearing you guys at the Keystone. You are missed and not forgotten
    Chuck Martinez

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