Enoch’s High School Concert

The concert on February 26th was a success.  After two rehearsals the kids really stepped up to plate and played like they were having a lot of fun.  I really enjoyed the Bari player he worked hard and had fun. We received an email from Dave Boyatt and he said the show generated over $3,000 for the  music program so far cd sales will add to this total. Contact Dave Boyatt @  dboyatt@sbcglobal.net if you would like to help out and purchase a cd of the show.  This was great news. Here are some pics from the night!

Hanging Out Before The Show




Dave and the Bari Player

The Band


Mic and Dave with the Band

The Band

Nice! Hey Cool Hat Mic!

Thanks to the 400-500 people who came out in the rain and attended the concert and supported music at Enoch H.S..

Thanks to Mic and Stevie for giving back.

Thanks to the Enoch’s administration for supporting and attending the show.

Thanks to Gottschalk’s for supporting music in your community.

Thanks to Dave Boyatt for his unselfish commitment to his students, and

Thanks to the kids for stepping up to the plate…the show was a home run!




4 responses to “Enoch’s High School Concert

  1. Carl

    Who did the poster? It’s very striking.

  2. Mic

    The show was great, they were ready. I really felt a quick acceptance and eagerness from them for why I was there and what I had to say. Stevie Keys shined, as always. Thanx to all involved

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