Me and Doc

I’d like to tell you all about a very important person in my life, Stephen MacKenzie Kupka, the “Funky Doctor”. I’ve had several strong musical influences in my life, and Doc continues to be one of my favorites. You have no idea what it brings out in me, to stand shoulder to shoulder with the most powerful baritone sax player in history playin’ the funk. While my Father, Ray, was one of, if not THE best trombonist of all time, Doc is the reason I chose to play that instrument. The tonality and resonance between the two instruments, when filled the way we do, is found nowhere else in music. I feel as if we invented/discovered this on our own, simply by playing and listening the way we do. Most people would have no idea about this, but some of the funkiest, most outrageous licks you’ve heard Doc play come from him when he’s actually trying to play something else. Doc’s “accidents” are legendary with the Tower horns, and set us aside from any other horn section in existance. My best advice is to not analyze it, just listen and learn. He has been, and continues to be one of the finest and most prolific songwriters I have ever known. While Emilio is his primary songwriting partner, Doc writes with several other old friends as well, and he and I have written many tunes together as well. I am so proud of how he has taken control of his life and continues to recover and move forward in his life. God Bless You, Doc. You are my friend. – Mic


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  1. Paul

    Wow! What a touching tribute!

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