Las Vegas

Julia in the Front Row~ Dancing Fool


Tower played The Cannery for the first time. These pictures were taken by Mic from his position in the section during the show. The Cannery is in North Las Vegas and located in a rather industrial section. There were a few strip malls nearby. The venue held about 1,000 people and in the summer they open these big glass doors making the room both indoors and outdoors. I liked the venue, because dancing was permitted by eveyone except the people in the front row. Mic said the room was “dead sounding” and it was hard for him to hear.

We received tickets for the buffet and ate there a couple of times. I read the reviews before we left and it was close to what everyone said…not good at all.

We went to the Whole Foods Market for our coffees and a few organic healthy meals. That’s a very good market in the south part of town near Southpoint Casino where Tower will be playing in June, I hear.

We saw Wolfman on Saturday afternoon and we both enjoyed it.  It was  a long trip home, but no traffic tickets or anything funky happened. We enjoyed a wonderful valentine’s dinner at home and started watching what we believed was Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglorious Bastards.” Well, Netflix sent “Inglorious Bastards”, but it was the 1978 version. I didn’t even know it existed. Did any of you?




5 responses to “Las Vegas

  1. Megan

    Dad had quite a nice view from stage didn’t he?

  2. Paul

    What’s next, Mic, a “lipstick” video camera attached to one of your horns? If you decide to try it, please don’t attach it to your trombone slide; we might get seasick watching the footage!

  3. I love seeing how you love my cuz, Mic, don’t ever change. Julia is a very lucky lady indeed!!!!
    Hugs to you both.

  4. Carl

    Maybe mounting a camera on the other side of the microphone stand would give an interesting perspective on TOP concerts.

    • Mic

      Those pics were from my Iphone, late in the set. People are always using their phones out front to take pics and vids. It seems to crack them up when I take pics back. I just happened to catch the cutest chick in the house this time. That girl can DANCE!

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