Drumstick gate?

Posted at: 02/08/2010 10:11 PM | Updated at: 02/08/2010 10:53 PM
By: Joe Vigil, Eyewitness News 4; Taryn Bianchin, KOB.com

Could it be drumstick gate?

In a bizarre controversy, the drummer of a band is accusing Albuquerque city councilor Don Harris of swiping his sticks without permission.

In a scathing e-mail sent to the entire Albuquerque city council, the drummer, David Garibaldi of the band ‘Tower of Power,’ accuses councilor Don Harris of taking his drumsticks without permission after a show Saturday.

Garibaldi writes in the email: “You came into our dressing room without an invitation, ate our food without asking, and also took my drumsticks without my permission as a prize for your son.”

The drummer goes on to say they were only a pair of drumsticks “but sir, they’re my drumsticks and they mean something to me…they represent my life and all I’ve worked for.”

Garibaldi then really lashes out at Harris saying, “I hope we don’t meet again,” telling Harris he’s what’s wrong with politicians today.

Councilor Ken Sanchez was also at the performance. “As far as the drumsticks, apparently he allowed the drumsticks to be given,” Sanchez opined.

Harris tells us his son is a fan of Garibaldi and grabbed the sticks off his drum set while back stage.

That’s when Harris asked Garibaldi if he could keep them. Harris said Garibaldi was upset but then later said the boy could keep the drumsticks.

But in the email, Garibaldi says he only allowed that because he wanted to avoid making a scene and embarrassing the councilor in front of his son.

Councilor Harris plans to send the drumsticks back with a letter of apology. Harris says he has the highest respect for the Tower of Power and didn’t mean to offend anyone, calling it a simple misunderstanding.


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One response to “Drumstick gate?

  1. Paul

    Leave it to a politician to refer to theft as a simple misunderstanding. His position and sense of entitlement seem to make him believe he’s above the law. When caught, he attempts to leverage semantics in a vain effort to sidestep the ugly truth: he’s a thief.

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