El Modelo in Albuquerque

Adolfo stayed in Albuquerque for another day and shared a lunch he had near the hotel at El Modelo. Here’s what he said….. 

“Mic, I finally scored. I walked to El Modelo for lunch. This is just a simple cheese enchilada plate. 1pm. Pure tasty slop in a styrofoam box. I’ll hunt down some eggs with green sauce in the morning. Maybe Cecilia’s… IF I get up in time. I’m sleeping in late. MEXICAN AMERICAAAAAAAN! ” 

Looks Messy!


Thanks for sharing Adolfo!!! Seeya in Vegas~ J 





3 responses to “El Modelo in Albuquerque

  1. Adolfo

    It wasn’t too messy but kind of tricky to eat with a spork and no knife. El Modelo doesn’t have a public restroom so when I left my hands were colored with rich New Mexico red sauce so I looked like had been in a knife fight. I didn’t make it out to Cecilia’s. I slept in late every day and I have to give Cheech and Chong credit for their song “Mexican American”. I guess TOP used to tour with them back in the day, hey? I hope you enjoyed the pic.

    • Mic

      I KNOW you enjoyed that, my young friend. And you probably DID get in a knife fight, you swashbuckler you. Thanx for chiming in here, welcome to the dance. Seeya in the Big Easy

  2. Megan

    Ya know Cheech and Chong are touring again…and Tower is touring… eh??

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