Tequila Lime Taco With Fresh Pico De Gallo

This morning I made some tortillas and then sautéed some chicken in a lime tequila sauce with grilled onions and some large shrimp in a lime butter sauce and grilled onions. The Pico De Gallo was freshly made and some guacamole topping.  They were so good.  Here’s what they looked like. Mic said they were “stupid good.” YUM

Great Breakfast!!




4 responses to “Tequila Lime Taco With Fresh Pico De Gallo

  1. Julia… looks yummy indeed. Got to say hello to Mic at Jazz Alley in Seattle. I saw both shows Thursday and Friday nights and they were fabulous. So glad that Mic is back with TOP! Hope to get to meet you as well at a show in the future. Jan Ligon, Atlanta

  2. Megan

    I hate when you put amazing food up on your site when I’m at work 😦
    It’s even worse when you call and give me details…sigh…

  3. Mary

    Boy that looks yummy – You are doing great with those receipe’s……..I would like the first cook book off the press and signed by the author – addressed to me personally – thats not asking for toooooo much – is it?????

  4. Mic

    And just exactly HOW am I supposed to maintain my girlish figure? Oh, it’s a pregnant girl.

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