Buttermilk Bread

Recently I have taken homemade to a new level. I think this is called digressing or de-evolution. Buying tortillas in a plastic bag full of preservatives just didn’t work. The time involved finding an acceptable product was staggering, but placing delicious organic ingredients in a store-bought tortilla just didn’t make sense.  Watching the bread machine whip up a perfect loaf of bread also seemed like I was cheating. So, last night I made 2 loaves of buttermilk bread “by hand.” It was an amazing experience. Working with yeast and dough is an exact science and innocently sensual. I wasn’t sure of the recipe, but it appeared as though it may work.  I learned that kneading dough is essential to making bread. Kneading stretches the dough and develops the gluten, the springy stuff that gives bread its texture. It also helps to uniformly distribute the gasses that are the byproduct of the yeast’s metabolism. I used buttermilk which gave the bread a tangy interesting finish almost like a good sourdough.  I believe the act of “touching your food” is a diminishing art form. Just over a few decades modern convienances of opening cans and boxes, has taken hold. We lose the understanding of how foods work and where they come from and what’s in season. I believe that with clean hands and a passionate heart  that touching your food creates a more nourishing meal.   Here are a few pictures of the finished product.  I brushed the dough with butter before I baked it. The crust is reminiscent of the crusty breads we enjoyed, while we were in Europe. Bread that is baking in the oven is one the best aromas ever!! I have an extra loaf if anyone want’s it, let me know.

Buttermilk Bread

Extra loaf shown here

Nothing Yucky




3 responses to “Buttermilk Bread

  1. Mic

    Nice BUNS, Baby. We ate lunch out yesterday, and soon after I felt crappy, but when we came home, Julia fixed me some cinnamon toast that fixed me. This house smells SO GOOD! It’s getting harder to leave town, but I’m off to Abuquerque with the Tower this weekend. Sexy soulful food will be here when I return.

  2. Megan L. Anderson

    Julia, I’m glad I found your blog in my enthusiasm for TOP’s music, because Curt & I have been working on eating healthy & preparing our meals from scratch. You’re so right that it’s a shame that lovingly preparing food has become something of a lost art, so I’m glad to see it getting resurrected. Hope you get on Bobby Flay’s Grillin & thanks for helping inspire my cooking!

  3. Mary

    Thanks for the extra loaf – It is great – any time you have extra – trust me – I will take it…….Girl you are doing good – just keep the receipe’s and pictures coming………

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