Bobby Flay Casting Call

Below is a link to the Food Network. Megan sent me the casting call for Bobby Flay’s “Grill It” season 3 notice and video taped me last Sunday. I have featured the Popeye’s Bella Burger and soy-ginger zucchini.  We had a great time filming it. Follow the link and rate it if you feel inspired to. The horn section was so cool they recorded a shout out to Bobby while they were in the studio in Seattle. Hey they are endorsing me 🙂



4 responses to “Bobby Flay Casting Call

  1. I already voted (5 stars of course) and have to tell you, that burger sure looked yummy!!! I’ll bet you and Megan had a great dinner!! Loved the video, it’s so much nicer than just reading a receipe!
    Great job cuz..!

  2. Carl

    Wow, does that look good! Almost makes me want to eat red meat again!

  3. Mary

    I can tell you right now – I will be making that receipe a lot this summer………..I like the looks of that glass of wine you had in your hand also…….I tried to vote twice and it said you’ve already voted – Oh well – you can’t blame me for trying…….

  4. Mitch

    I recorded the tower horns on that video! haha..awesome

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