Busy Writing Recipes

I have been very busy writing recipes and testing them out on my loved ones.  Mic has been in Seattle for the week at Jazz Alley and I couldn’t make it, because I am still getting Sunshine settled. Jazz Alley has a good menu and offers several organic items, but their chef recently left, so they are going through some changes.

We will be heading to several gigs in Texas and also in New Orléans in about a month and I will be reviewing some restaurants as we travel.

Recently I decided that I must make, not buy corn  tortillas, because finding a good tortilla without preservatives is hard to track down….. I bought the masa flour, a tortilla press and cast iron pan.  It was not as easy as it seems. After 3 trial and errors I finally got it. The picture below shows what I considered a food resembling a corn tortilla. They tasted good too. I am developing a new nacho dish that is sure to please. Well, it has been fun and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Tortillas...a funky picture, but they were good.



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6 responses to “Busy Writing Recipes

  1. Megan L. Anderson

    I’ll finish my report on the great Jazz Alley show by seconding Julia that the food at Jazz Alley was good! And we had organic chicken, so that was healthful. The chocolate mini Bundt cakes not so healthful, but good! And when we got there we saw a box of donuts from TOP POT donuts across the street getting delivered–they’re very tasty indeed. Fitting that they’ve got TOP in their name, eh?

    • Mic

      Glad you caught our show, we felt they all went well. The doughnuts were NOT for the band, we never saw them. The staff at Jazz Alley treated us great and the food was delicious.

      • Megan L. Anderson

        Probably just as well the band didn’t see those donuts–they’re pretty tempting! The staff at Jazz Alley were great to us too; we’ll definitely go back there. How do I go about putting in a request to Emilio to get my friend Suzi his autograph saying “Soul Power”? (Sorry to trouble you by asking this, but it was too funny that she didn’t know the words when he put the mike in front of her, & she would really get a kick out of it.)

  2. Paul

    You’re making me drool!

  3. kevin rant

    hey love your blog love t.o.p i suggest a tv foodie show you travel with the best horn band in the world and sample the fare were you are at it would be like anthony bourdain with horns i think it would fly ill be at the ny bbkings show maybe ill run into you peace kev

    • Kevin,

      I think that would be great idea. I have applied for the Bobby Flay “Grilling It” show and I think the guys would enjoy it that concept a lot. We could have nice horn lines and pops as we chow down. They love to eat too!!! I agree they are the best horns!!!! See you in New York. Julia

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