Liberty High School Photos

Here are some pictures from the Liberty High Rehearsal and Concert…


 Thanks to Mic, Stevie, Skip, Steve, Tommy and Juan for “giving back.”  Also, Meg your poster and artwork were amazing and Deb thanks for passing the hat and the pictures.




3 responses to “Liberty High School Photos

  1. Mary

    Sorry we missed this – I bet the kids were great – let alone Mic and the other guys………maybe next time ………..

  2. Hey TOPhats to u all WATS SHAKIN im LOU from Buffalo. Cant wait to see u in march. Wats greg adams up to. Im a passionate longtime fan at the top. I play trumpet since 76. I was wondering if i could fulfill a dream of mine.wen u come to town i would love to sit in on my favorite song i live by- get ur feet back on the ground. Please my dream come true. I play that always. Please get back.

    • Mic

      Hey Lou, welcome to Julia’s Narrative. Here’s a link to Greg’s site: Greg is doing well and playing great, we are still good friends.
      As for sitting in with the band, I appreciate where you’re coming from and if I were in your shoes, might ask the same favor. Unfortunately, having even guys we know sit in rarely happens, usually just Tower alumni. If we were to let that happen, you can imagine the floodgates that would open. I hope you understand and thanx for keeping our music in your heart and soul. Brass Kicks Ass

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