Random Allegory

I didn’t attend the show last  night in Brentwood, so I am hoping that Meg can offer some pictures. I hear it went well. Mic said the fog heading home was horrible. I am going to post some random pictures of Dec and Jan events.

In December Happy Sanchez came to our home with a portable recording unit and Mic and Norbert Stachel recorded 5 tunes the project is co-produced by Karl Perrazo, it went well…the power didn’t go out.  🙂 

That's Happy!

Mic bought me a horse for Christmas named Sunshine her registered name is High Renee. I think her name should be grumpybutt. She is an Overo Paint Mare who seems nice, but has a little mean streak. She loves to eat.

Sunshine! She is real pretty.

John, Meg and Savannah came up to help build a separate area for Sunshine. Hunter and Smokey don’t understand that Sunshine can hurt them, so I am keeping them from one another until they become friends. In the morning we went to the Cozy Cafe for breakfast, while Mic played the National Anthem with the Tower Horns and Larry Bragg at the Raider’s game. This picture is for you Jimmy!!

We are one picture away from a Cozy Cafe picture collection!

I started culinary school yesterday and attended my first class..Safety and Sanitation. Everyone who cooks should take this class it is an eye opener. I am attending Columbia College in Sonora. During lunch I took a walk and some pictures. It is one of the prettiest campuses I have attended. 

View across the lake.

Last night I was exercising and had to stop and take a picture of a beautiful sunset.

Thanks Mom and Dad!




3 responses to “Random Allegory

  1. Carl

    Horses can be very surprising critters – placid one moment, trying to bite you the next. Have you read “The horse whisperer”?

    And the animals I’ve had have always named themselves. I’m sure if you call the horse “Grumpybutt” she will get used to it. Won’t keep her from biting, but… 🙂

  2. Mary

    Sunshine is a very beautiful name for a beautiful horse……..Did you ask the people that sold her “why they were selling her?” She may be unhappy because they got rid of her…..poor baby….
    What do you think??

  3. Wow…it really sounds like you guys are building a little bit of paradise where you live. With your gardening projects and menagerie of pets I’m sure your place is a bit of heaven for you both. Let us know how the culinary school is going. Take care!!

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