Sun and Snow

Well the snow is melting very slowly and PG&E hasn’t reinstated our power yet. I think they are having trouble figuring out the problem. Mic was getting cabin fever and went to town. I am too comfortable in plaid and stripes to brave the icy roads to town. These pictures are classic California. I love the blue skies and the trees filled with snow. I hope you enjoy them too. ~

The Sun is Breaking Out!

Mic and I scheduled a clinic this week with Dave Boyatt the Band Director at Enochs High School in Modesto. The concert will be held February 26th at Downey High School, which is also located in Modesto. I will provide additional information on the concert should any of you wish to attend. ~ J




2 responses to “Sun and Snow

  1. Mary said Mic came by and wrote his name in the snow…haha. I still can’t get out, and Dad & Mary came up near my street. I walked out to meet them, but the roads are still nasty up here. I’m with Mic on the cabin fever thing. Stay warm you guys!!

    • Mic

      Warm we are. And dry. Very dry. Our well hasn’t come back online yet. Got plenty of drinking and cooking water, but that’s not all we need water for. Working on it in the morning. Seeya soon, Cuz.

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