Snow Day

It's coming down.


Our Christmas Tree

The weather people were right it’s here. Right now it’s hail balls that are sticking on the ground. Fortunately, “… we have provisions and lot’s of beer, the key word is survival in the new frontier.” Thanks to Donald Fagen.



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6 responses to “Snow Day

  1. Yeah, the “white stuff” has arrived. I thought it wouldn’t do much, since it was corn snow earlier, but now I’ve got flakes! I’m hoping this is a light dusting. What elevation are you guys???
    Stay warm. And Julia, remind me next time I see you guys to bring that baby picture I found of you.
    Hugs cuz…

    • Mic

      Hey Cousin Vic, we’re at 3,000′. It’s been coming down steady and we’ve got about a foot and a half. You’re just a little higher than us and about 15 minutes away.
      One of my local trumpet students, John Johnson, has started a fan page for me on Facebook. I don’t go there, so would you check that out for me?

  2. I just checked out and joined your fan page. I’ll go back later and post something after I take the time to read it. There are 53 fans so far, and John has a really cute pic of you and him on his profile page under his name. You can sure tell he’s an avid admirer of yours, but who isn’t?
    Stay warm,

    • Mic

      Thanx Vic, John is a senior at Amador HS and already a fine and hungry trumpeteer. You saw/heard him at the Rancheria show last May. Still no power up here.

      • John Sexton posted on your fan page. Sounds like he knows you, just thought I’d let you know. I just went to Marc Russo’s fan page, and some guy posted that Marc doesn’t even know the page exists. Anyway, hopefully you guys will get power soon. I’m holding my breath that it stays on, and that I’ll be able to get out in a few days. Take care you guys.

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