Thanksgiving at Home

We have been back from Europe for 7 days and we are still settling down to this time zone. We stayed home on Thursday and had a fire outside in our firepit and cleaned the property of needles and leaves. We also had a Heitz Cabernet and ate a cool lunch and dinner. I made toasted cheese sandwiches for lunch and lightly grilled them with olive oil and garlic and had a rather traditional dinner, which finished us off.

Hunter Dog was in attendance.

Smokey Dog was there too.

Bella too! Posing under the hammock from Nicaragua that Jimmy brought us.

We bought this beer for Megan, because of the Ralph Steadman art work...very cool.

I engage in what I describe as "fringe gardenng" growing plants that would normally not survive at this elevation. This is a healthy avocado tree. Yum



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3 responses to “Thanksgiving at Home

  1. Mic

    Back to the incredible home cooking inventions of Chef Julia. We both lost weight in Europe, which I understand is unheard of, and with the healthy dishes she prepares fo us, we should be able to maintain these svelte figures. Well, at least SHE can! I love her cooking!

  2. Mary

    A GREAT BIG WELCOME HOME……..when all is said and done – there is no place like HOME…I’m sure you will agree with that…..We love to travel – but always happy to get home………….Love you guys…………me

  3. Meg

    Look at those handsome attendees. Smokey sure is looking distinguished!
    You have the greenest of the green thumbs mama.

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