Megan’s Thanksgiving Celebration!

John cooks his Alton Brown turkey every year and does a fine job. Megan makes superb mushroom stuffing and also a cornbread stuffing. Her feast is always a treat. However, the deviled eggs war has reached a point that has driven some into unethical actions. Savannah looks sweet, but we found her in the closet with the deviled eggs dish and eggs dripping from her fangs.  What next?

John's handywork

Meg's delicious stuffing

Gucamole a family favorite it goes with any meal.

Sweet Potato fries. This is the only way I enjoy sweet potatoes. Thanks Meg!

We also had our vegetables, which included an organic green salad with some of my homegrown tomatoes, which are still on the vine and broccoli and cauliflower in a cheese sauce. Megan made a pumpkin stuffed cannoli with chocolate that was adventurous and amazing. Here are some of the attendees.

My two favorite people.

Savannah and Erik. His neck muscles haven't developed yet.

Meg and John working magic.

Hey There Therese

Pat and Art

It was a great time…..



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2 responses to “Megan’s Thanksgiving Celebration!

  1. Mic

    The one holiday set aside for eating, and this year’s collaboration was a 5 star feast, by Megan, Julia and John. Julia brought the guacamole, as well as a great cranberry/mandarin orange sauce she invented, and a fabulous mushroom gravy. I pigged out.

  2. Mary

    The Thanksgiving Feast looks fabulous…….5 Stars to all of you – makes me hungry just looking at it ..
    I am sure no one went away hungry…….Isn’t that what its all about…I want the recipe for the cranberry/mandarin orange sauce…….I love cranberries and mandarin oranges – just never have had them together…….Happy Holidays to everyone – we love you all….

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