London Pics

Band truck license plate Benny was the driver…speedo man.

Upon arriving in London via Eurostar Mic and I had to take the London version of the subway changing trains twice, then catching a ferry to our final destination. We didn’t have time to go to the hotel and went straight to the gig. We finally made it to the Holiday Inn Express about 11:30 pm and were told by the front desk that online access was not free. We were beat by then and really needed sleep considering a 7:45 departure from the hotel to get to the airport. So, here are a few pics from the London experience.

Eurostar Ride approx. 30 minutes in the tunnel under the English Channel and some idiot was painting her fingernails. We traveled through 5 countries on Eurostar to get to London.

London Train Station

Venue in London ~ a huge tent

The waterway we crossed via ferry to get to the gig.

Inside the tent. There was a big Christmas carnival going on. Many restaurants and stores and the music hall. I had trouble getting any good pictures in the tent.

I took this picture right before the gig.

London Audience

London Airport. Guess who took this picture?

Mic liked this too.

This sign was at the chocolate store in the airport. The little sign in the back says "wash your hands" and Mic liked that too.










We boarded the plane and a huge rain cloud with high winds started pounding on us. We took off 30 minutes later after it passed.  The plane ride was long and had a few bumps along the way that caused a loud simultaneous ohhh from many of the passengers. The pilot changed altitude to try and settle the flight down. After a 10 plus hour ride we reached SF and had to circle for about 30 minutes and the pilot said it was due to clouds and congestion at the airport. Meg says it’s because we needed to burn off some more fuel so we wouldn’t explode upon landing. All I can say is that I really wanted off that plane after being confined for so long. Glad to be home.

The next adventure is down south where the band is playing the Nokia Theater and then traveling to a location near San Diego for a second and final gig that run.

After that we will be in Vancouver for New Years Eve.

Thanksgiving will be a special posting where we will spend the day at Meg and John’s home.

Also, I am starting culinary school in January in an effort to improve upon my cooking skills and knowledge. The New Year will be a time for great changes. Last year was tough it marked a year of great loss for us and we are ready for 2010.

 Thanks for hanging out with us. ~Julia




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2 responses to “London Pics

  1. Julia,

    Nice to meet you, and we really enjoyed our trip to London. The show was fantastic.

    I really like what you are doing with the blog.

    See you again soon,


  2. Tom Makoviecki

    Glad Mic is back is back in the section. My daughter Lauren and I were just talking about the Roanoke CD release gig and party that we attended. We are looking forward to catching the band when they are in the NY-NJ metro area. Maybe Mic will have his tuba on the gig!!!
    Enjoy the tour.

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