We are Home

The journey took us many miles, in fact, it took us a total of 4,750 miles by train and 12,000 by plane for a total of 16,750 miles in 19 days. Today we restocked the fridge and got back to our lives in the Sierras. The weather was great today and the blue skies abundant here, had been greatly missed. Here is a recap of our trip.

First the best restaurant for me was in Ingolstadt where I enjoyed the deer from the Black Forest.

Mic enjoyed Santino’s in Oslo. We had a great seafood salad, minestrone soup and seafood pasta.

My favorite hotel was the Marriott in Hamburg. They had a nice pool, hot tub and sauna. We also had some very good sushi and a caesar salad. The thumbs down part was the cost of the internet, which we declined because of the high fee.

Mic’s favorite hotel was the Swiss Hotel in Basel. The room was nice. They had an espresso machine in the room and online capabilities on every floor. They also gave a complimentary loofa, shoe polish sponge, and sewing kit. The restaurant was only ok. We settled on the hotel restaurant, because it was the only non-smoing faclity we could find.

My favorite city was Nuremburg, because it had a castle and was extremelypicturesque. It was early in the trip and we were rested when we visited. The sun came out for a few hours that day and we had a nice meal at a small pub.

Mic’s favorite city was Ingolstadt, because it seemed the nicest of all the Bavarian city’s. He really enjoyed the Bavarian army museum and the coffee-house.

My favorite venue was Ingolstadt, because Vic and his son Whitney showed up. It was easy getting dressed in the hotel and going downstairs for the gig. They also fed us after the show. I had a delicious chicken salad. I saw the show hanging out at the monitor board, so Mic and I got to flirt during the gig.

Mic’s favorite venue was Ingolstadt too, because Vic and Whitney showed up. Dave Grusin with Lee Ritenour and Will Kennedy opened and Larry Carlton closed with Tower in the middle.  Mic liked the fact that Ingolstadt was our “home town” gig.  He also enjoyed having his honey right next to him while he played. We were both extremely grateful to the folk s in the jazz office who provided us rides to town and to Aalen and helped us arrange a rental car from Aalen and generally took good care of us.

We both agree  our favorite train ride was from Stockholm to Oslo. Norway’s country-side was quite beautiful and a nice change from the city scenery. We stayed in a railcar alone for part of the trip, which was a comfortable ride considering we were with many people over the course of our trip. Norway was blessed with many lakes and what appeared to be vacation locations.

I will post a few more pics when I travel to my little computer, which is only inches away, and where they are located. Thanks for following along it made us feel like home was only a few miles away.

Also, the items we lost during this trip….

Eurorail Passes~Not Returned


My Purse~Returned

Camera Cord~Not Returned

My Sunglasses ~Not Returned

Our Minds, Asses and Sleep~Being Returned



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9 responses to “We are Home

  1. Mary

    Glad you are home – we really missed you guys – but this helped to keep us connected……..when you get a chance – after you are rested up and caught on all you need to do – come by – we will be so happy to see you…………….Hugsssssss, me

    • Mic

      Mary, you and Uncle Tommy were the subject of many of our conversations on the trip. Thanx for staying with us and keeping in touch this way. We will see you real soon – Love, Mic & Julia

  2. Julia, thank you very much for your wonderful blog. I read it every day!!
    I was so happy to see you two in Ingolstadt and London. As I told to Mic, HE IS A VERY BIG PART OF THE SOUND OF TOP HORNS!!!! I’m so happy he’s with the band again.
    Hope to see you soon

    • Mic

      Thanx Lorenzo, it was great to play for you, your wife and your buddy. Musically, it was the best tour of my life. Physically, I arrived home in the best shape I’ve been in for some time, as noted by my adorable daughter, Megan. I’m looking forward to playing on your Italian band’s project with Jeff Tamolier producing. Seeya soon

  3. Ian Walker

    Thank you for a great insight into the background of the tour. I have been a TOP fan since 1974 when I bought Back To Oakland. It is great to have Mic back with the band. He is a great player. I was at the London gig which was fantastic to watch. I was wondering which were the better gigs on the tour from audience appreciation?
    Your blog is excellent and thank you for taking the time out to produce it. I am hoping to travel over to the states again to see the band, again.

    • Mic

      Thanx Ian. The audiences started out strong and just got better the whole time. I think the 4 encores in Hannover, Germany, might have been the strongest, but 2 & 3 encores a night were happening daily. Thanx for taking time out of YOUR day to check in here.

  4. Megan

    Now it’s time for some Thanksgivin’!!!

  5. Welcome back! Glad you had a great trip – reading the blog every day was fun and educational.

    See you at Viejas on the 12th.

  6. Whitt Vicena

    Ingolstadt was my favorite night of my trip too! Thank you guys for putting up with my dad and I.. we both had a lot of fun.. The Munich show was incredible too… 4 encores? oh Mic, you owe me a cd 🙂

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