Heading to London

We are currently on the train to Brussels where we will transfer for the 3rd time and ride a Eurostar (bullet train) into London.  We just finished some sandwiches and in Europe they do not put mustard or mayonnaise on them only butter. This time they were dry, but we were hungry and it was better than nothing. Here are a few more pics from yesterday.

Mic at the Interblatt Cafe in Gronau


Mic with the owner, Mesut, of the Interblatt Cafe after many Hurricanes

Hopefully I can make a last European post from London…Seeya then ~ J



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7 responses to “Heading to London

  1. Anita

    Hey, loved the posts. Felt like we were traveling with you. Thank you so much for sharing your travels with us. Love you guys, mucho !! Travel safe and we’ll see you soon !!!
    Hugs, Anita & Rob !!!

  2. Mic

    Thanx guys. We had so much fun sharing our travels and trevails as we went. We missed you all and we’re home safe and sound. What an incredible trip! More stuff posting today. Happy Fanxgiving to all

  3. Barbara

    I have thoroughly enjoyed following your travels. It even made it better since we had the priviledge of seeing you before you left. We love you guys and hope our paths cross again SOON.

  4. Mic

    Barbara, you have been a big part of my life since before I was born. How cool is this that we can share this way? It was fabulous seeing you and Casey in Pheonix. Happy Fanxgiving to all the Mahaffeys. – Love, Mic & the Chicks

  5. trumpetero1

    I saw the band in London on the 21st. I had been waiting for that moment for 38 years. Thank you for coming, it was awesome and as a trumpet player who spent many a long hour in the 70s transcribing charts off vinyl LPs for our brass section it was a wonderful night. I hope you found some good tucker in London. Allways loved your playing Mic, well done!

    • Mic

      It’s funny how, in London, instead of being exhausted from this trip, I was at my strongest on the horns. My wonderful wife took great care keeping me in shape to do this and you saw and heard the proof. I’m happy to be back with the band and this tour was the real test. I saw and met many trumpet and trombone players throughout the trip and was inspired to play my very best for all who watched and listened so closely. This is the toughest lead trumpet book in the business, and I could not have maintained such a level without the support of Adolfo Acosta. Thanx Dolly, you could play lead in any band in the world. I learn from you every day.

  6. trumpetero1

    Yes Mic, you played very well, you blow me away going from Trom to Trumpet so quick, thats a helluvan ombrochure. Adolfo was great too, awesome flugel solo, I bet that was a BobReeves flugel mouthpiece..well maybe it was a Bach, mmmm. I was encouraged to keep playing and was loving how easy you made it all seem, so tight as ever, wonderful. Good on you Mic, you made one little horn player very happy. Yeh, it is the toughest lead book, but you nail it! I have learned a lot off listening to you, thank you.

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