Mic and Fans

Tommy and Benny


Residential neighborhood






Shell station where they sell kindling and beer next to the gas pumps.

We are back at the hotel preparing for bed. Tomorrow is the last gig and it will be a busy day getting to London.  Here’s the Gronau pictures and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get online, however it will be a so busy I’m not sure I can…so I may be posting London from California…'s a Ford swing for little kids

Our hotel

Tour Bus

Roger and David taking a walk

Smokey, Hunter, Bella and Penny this sign's for you.







One of Two Churches in Town





















After Gig Bratwurst







We're coming home soon baby we love you...Mom






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5 responses to “Gronau

  1. Picture with us is great!
    Finally we met! Julia thanks for the pic!
    from l. to r. : Mic, Bas (my Son), Me, Ron, Ricardo (Ron’s son)

    • Mic

      I was really on my toes with 4 trumpeteers right in front of me, but it just made me play better. Great to finally meet you and your son and your buddies. Sorry we didn’t have more time to spend talking, but thanx for your patience, waiting for us to come back out front. Am I the luckiest guy on the planet or what? You caught a great show. Hope to see you this summer when we return.

  2. Hemmy

    Gronau was super!!
    I am a TOP fan for many years, it was the best performance I ever seen!
    The band is getting better every year!
    Hope to see you next year in Germany or Holland again!

  3. Meg

    Hi there! My husband and I are planning a trip to Amsterdam this spring and want to take a side trip to Gronau. Would you mind sharing some more information about your time there? Thank you! My email is meg r gronau at yahoo dot com (take out the spaces and change stuff to make it more like an email address ought to be). I really look forward to hearing from you — thanks!

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