Copenhagen Denmark and Gronau Germany Dinner

Amager Bio Copenhagen..there aren't any restaurants near it

Mic and Hokan on the train from Oslo

My connection is really slow, so hopefully I can get my post finished tonight. Last night we were in Copenhagen and it was rainy, windy and cold. The hotel was nice and the venue was good. TOP sold out and the crowd enjoyed the band.

During the train ride Mic and I met a drummer from Sweden named Hokan Nyberg who is from Malmo and is a David Garibaldi fan. He plays in the Nationaltheatre Rockorkestra. I will be posting a picture of Mic and Hokan once I can get a connection in which I can post pictures.

We are in Gronau for 2 nights and heading to London on Saturday.  We had a wonderful dinner at the hotel. We enjoyed salads from the salad bar, cream of tomato soup, and I had perch in a coconut curry sauce and Mic had beef and chicken with mushrooms and potatoes in a light gravy.

It will take us 8 hours on 4 different trains (3 transfers) and the tour bus will take about 10 hours to get to London.  We will be traveling under the English channel in a tunnel on the bullet train…it should be interesting. We traveled once again on the ferry from Copenhagen traveling from Denmark to Germany and this time it was during the day, so we got to see the channel crossing.  We fell asleep and the conductor had to wake us up to get us off the train and we were the last people off. Everyone gets off the train when it is on the ferry. The London gig is supposed to a be big deal, so hopefully all will go well. I’ll try and keep you posted.

Typical sideview pic of the TOP horns who are the best in the business

Fehmarnbelt Straight...Ferry Crossing

Typical Swedish train food bowl. In front there are these little chocolate cupcakes with chocolate chips. They made me think of Matt. Hey Matt no one watches the bowl, so you could have them all. No stuck smiles on these little babies.

German train...We found that Swedish trains were our favorites

German emblem on the train...yes it's a Mic pic

Ferry Crossing Map...another Mic pic

Mic's dinner in Gromau...German food isn't pretty, but it tastes good

My perch dinner. It was delicious.

Mic thought this was cool. It's Grappa named Julia. Grappa is a liquor made from grape skins. Adolfo likes it, but I think it tastes nasty.

Our backyard...still the best place on earth.

We will be walking to the town of Gronau today where the venue Burgerhalle is located.  Gronau is very suburban and reminds me of Hayward.  We had to walk 5 kilometers from the rail station to get the hotel with all our luggage last night. Mic and I have had to be resourceful to get from the train stations to the hotels. It is important to stay out of the way of bikes. They have their own paths and get really upset when  luggage toting Americans gets in their way.  Sometimes we take busses, cabs or we walk. It normally requires asking 3 people to find our way. My job is to look for the person most likely to speak English.

I’ll make sure that I get a lot of pictures today. The gig is at the Gronau rock ‘n’popmuseum.  I think you can look it up at

Seeya soon!




4 responses to “Copenhagen Denmark and Gronau Germany Dinner

  1. Megan

    You’re in the home stretch now!
    Thank you so much for keeping me posted along the way, it would’ve been a lot harder without this page.

    I love you guys!!

  2. Mary

    We think all of you are so very cool and very, very special……..I look at the wedding pics alot and we are so sorry we missed all the fun……..Miss ya, Happy Thanksgiving to all……Love ya, me

  3. Mic

    Mary, you, Megan and my buddies were our lifeline to home. Thanx so much for hanging in there with us and for chiming in. Seeya real soon, Love Mic and Julia

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