The trip from Stockholm to Oslo

The train ride was awesome. We passed through Sweden to Norway and Norway reminded us of Maine or Vermont, but with more waterways. There were pine forests and many vacation homes. It was nice to be in the country and out of big cities for the afternoon. I couldn’t get many pictures, because the train was moving along quickly, so this was the best I could do.

Here's Mic

View from the train...It wasn't the pretty part

A train stop along the way

Apple juice and Mic we think it might have been organic they use the word "eco" instead

Bridge in the distance

Town along the way...the sign on the telephone pole has the name

While you all in bed sleeping in the USA we were passing through this little town at 2:00 pm

Cute name

Our hotel for one night and they don't have double beds they push two singles together...Hello Lucy!

Well we're in Oslo now and we were stopped by an undercover custom officer as we left the train

More Oslo

It’s been rainy, but isn’t supposed to snow until later this week. We traveled from the Baltic Sea near Malmo to Oslo, which is near the North Sea. We are getting  a Russian tv channel here, because we are so close to Russia. Wow…my head is spinning and I seriously need some REAL Mexican food!



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5 responses to “The trip from Stockholm to Oslo

  1. Stopped by a customs officer… back in the day, that could have caused some drama. 🙂

  2. Megan

    You were stopped because you two look like trouble. 🙂

  3. Patches

    so did you give the customs cat passes to the show?

    • No..I didn’t trust him and I think I asked him more questions then he did us. I asked to see his badge again and questioned why he did not have a uniform on. I think he wanted us gone ~ J

  4. Manny

    Dude you a “bone” legend man. I graduated from Hiram Johnson in 1973 and was in the band, both concert and marching. We ruled man, won beau coup parades and concerts. I sent this to let you know man, that after playing the (euphonium) in band I had heard a trombone solo you did at a concert at McClatchy HS in ’72, I immediately switched to the ‘bone, but it was a valve t-bone cause Icouldn’t get the positions down fast enough to get that first chair. Just wanted to thank you 30 somethin years later. Keep blowin homes. I am. Squib Cakes baby!

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