Are we on or off, huh?

Mic sign
Hotel Room Art

We arrived at the train station and located the hotel after asking only 3 people. It was raining, but we avoid taxis, because it feels like we are always being ripped off. The room was so small we couldn’t open both suitcases, but it was likely an expensive hotel. The venue was a cool old building that was a pretty nice hang.  We walked to the venue as well. Stockholm feels like a safe city. People are walking at all hours. It was a Monday night and they almost sold out. The crowd including children were parting hard. Here you go! Oh and we ate Mexican food, but it was pseudo- Mexican at best and only filled our tummys and fixed our hunger.

The room at the Scandic Hotel

The door going out of the teeny tiny room

Nalen Theatre

Nalen Hallway

Sound Check...trippy picture the lights made it looked haunted

SOund check

Wathcha doin?











Gig Pic

Little Blurry sorry

Audience...little girl in front see her?

Stockholm street







Lone trumpet player see him?











Avocados $2 each where do you suppose they are from?











Mushrooms they looked creepy in person too











That's Mic walking my suitcase in the rain to the train station at 7:30 am and yes we already broke a wheel on the dangin cobblestones







Yes, it's a naked statue










Train station sign...we're not in Kansas anymore Dorothy







There isn’t much structure to my postings anymore. We are on the home stretch and getting a little squirrely.  ~ Seeya J






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4 responses to “Stockholm

  1. Megan

    “They look like naked boys…playing leap frog.” Name that movie…

  2. Mary

    Those mushrooms look more than creepy – I am not too sure I would want to eat them…….I have loved all the pics and your narration – I bet you will be happy to get home and I know all of us will be sooooooo happy to have you back…….enjoy……
    Big Hugsssssssssss, me

  3. Julia… have really enjoyed the blogs and ohotos. Wish I could have been there to catch a few of the shows in person! Jan, Atlanta

  4. Must tell you I have really enjoyed your travel log.
    Great job. Bet you are really tired now. Would you do the tour again?

    Please say hello to Mic and the fellas for me.

    Greg Vallejo

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