Oslo Norway

You were not expecting Marilyn as opening huh?

Happy guys

Oslo is an interesting city. Like most European cities there is old mixed with new. They filled up the venue on a Tuesday night and like the other cities people are walking around late in the night. We had dinner at Santinos, which was an excellent Italian restaurant. I was so hungry I forgot to take pictures. So far our best meals have been in Ingolstadt and now Oslo. Overall I have been rather disappointed with the cuisine. I really thought the countries would have much more identity in terms of dishes. Germany definitely had  more identity than Switzerland, Sweden and Norway. Indian and Turkish foods are popular in all the cities. They have 7-11’s everywhere, as well as Burger King and McDonalds.

Hey Meg and John creepy hallway at the hotel, huh

Mic and Adolfo heading to sound check

Our hotel at night..Nice lobby and restaurant and likly very expensive but tiny rooms and no big beds

Bowling in Oslo

Trumpet Lube

It always looks nasty after it has been picked at

No caption ncessary

Getting ready



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3 responses to “Oslo Norway

  1. Some great pictures there. I especially like the one with the big kitty. 🙂

    Is the hotel hallway the one from”The Shining”?

  2. Megan

    Yea man, that hallway is totally creepy. Kind of reminds me of Ghost Ship…
    It looks like the cat’s head is floating.
    Dude…Marilyn Manson, I didn’t even know he was still touring.

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