Mic’s Malmo Pics

mic's malmo 071

Meat...including Swedish Meatballs. They love meat here.

mic's malmo 002

More Gillette humor

mic's malmo 083

In the square near the ferris wheel

That’s me and some guy that walked out of a store right as Mic took the picture.mic's malmo 041

mic's malmo 048
Cool Manhole Cover

Just hangin with the homies.

mic's malmo 009

Another sign Mic liked

mic's malmo 029

The Brass Band

mic's malmo 030

The Brass Band 2










mic's malmo 034

Speedos with black socks Benny?










mic's malmo 064

Benny and yes he does wear speedos with black socks

mic's malmo 024

Venue in Malmo

mic's malmo 028

Malmo Crowd

Well we are finally in a land that has tv in English and Swedish subtitles.  We are on our 10th Simpson episode that aired for the first time when Meg was about 8 years old. We miss home.




2 responses to “Mic’s Malmo Pics

  1. Megan

    Speedo’s are always a good conversation starter.

  2. Mic… thanks for posting the photos! Jan, Atlanta

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