More of Mic’s Pic’s

Hannover 060

Back stage food at Hannover

Mic Pic 2 019

Tropical flowers in the Marriott lobby

Mic Pic 2 045


Mic Pic 2 008

Somehere in Germany

Mic Pic 2 013

Salad bar at the Block House and you don't serve yourself

Mic Pic 2 065

Mic saw a Gargoyle

Mic Pic 2 092

Guess why he liked this sign

Mic Pic 2 063

Mic likes the little cars

Mic Pic 2 070

He likes this sign too Gillette humor

Mic Pic 2 023

During the show in Leverkusen

Mic Pic 2 024

Crowd at Leverkusen @ the Forum it was a nice venue



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One response to “More of Mic’s Pic’s

  1. Megan

    You look beautiful Mama 🙂

    I think that gargoyle is givin you the stink eye dad.

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