Malmo Sweden

malmo 022

malmo 012

malmo 013

malmo 016

malmo 015

malmo 018

malmo 020

malmo 025

malmo 026

malmo 029

malmo 032

malmo 033We woke up and had a breakfast very similar to the German spread except Swedish meatballs and pancakes were present. We walked to the train station to reserve our ride to Stockholm tomorrow and then went trippin. The buildings and streets shown were along the way. We stopped at the Moose Head Bar and Restaurant and had the drinks shown. Mine had mashed melon and Brazilian rum. There was a ferris wheel in one of the squares and the sun came out. We traveled to the gig on the bus and after the sound check had dinner. It consisted of curry chicken and salad. The marshmallow dessert shown did not appear edible, so we didn’t indulge. Yes, the picture of the stickers is upside down, but I thought it looked better that way. Hopefully we can get online in Stockholm. Mic’s pic’s will be next.~ Julia




3 responses to “Malmo Sweden

  1. Megan

    All your pictures are so colorful. The sticker picture reminds me of one I took at the studio when we were recording ‘Ear Candy’.

    I miss you guys so much.

    Meg, John, Savannah, Kamryn, Hunter, Smokey, Bella & Penny!

  2. Rikard

    Hi, I just wanna say I enjoy your blog! It’s fun to follow your travel.
    I was on the Malmoe show last night! It was great, I loved it!
    T.O.P’s been an important part of my life for more than 20 years now and I’m sure the relationship will continue! Yesterday my 18 year old son came to see the show with me and on the way home he started talking about the next time we’ll be on a T.O.P-concert! I guess he had his soul vaccination last night!

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