Mic’s Pics

Mic's Pics 076

Pretty Heavy Dachau

Mic's Pics 083
Kevin Costner is more visable on this picture what does he play?
Mic's Pics 062
Munich Horn Section Playing Dixieland on the Street,
Mic's Pics 052
Jazz Festival Poster

Here are Mic’s Pic’s enjoy….

Mic's Pics 037

Leon a guitar playing 7th grader we met on the train. He lives in Munich.

Mic's Pics 043

No ice cream or french fries on the bus!

Mic's Pics 074

Bicycle for rainy days.

Mic's Pics 075

Me in Basel likely confused...

Mic's Pics 082

Power Tower Ride in Front of the Gig in Basel.

Mic's Pics 001

Sign in the train station advertising elephants with hats...















5 responses to “Mic’s Pics

  1. Mic

    It’s ALIVE!!! We’re still here, folks, this time in Hannover Germany. We pulled into a train station coming here and saw a billboard with elephants in hats with some Tyrolian guy leading them on (just like a man!) to the resting place of Attila the Hun.
    We met young Leon on the way to Munich, and he was as curious about us as we were him. He’s a guitar player (go figure) and does a pretty heavy commute to a Montessori School in Dachau, and was headed home.
    The Power Tower was a fair ride, right in front of the doors into the gig in Basel. Pretty dangen ironic.
    The Munich Horn Section was playing a Dixieland version of Muskrat Ramble, then went right into Hello Dolly, where the lead trumpeter promptly forgot what key he was in. We loved it anyway.
    The picture of the NO FRENCH FRIES – NO ICE CREAM was on an Ingolstadt Bus. Didn’t say no drinking, so we did (hic).
    The Rain Bike was in Switzerland. Pretty good idea, as it rained the whole time we were there.
    Heading onstage right now here in Hannover, where they will learn, once again that B K A! Peace, Out – Mic

    • Mic

      How did I miss my favorite shot of my HoneyBunny looking so cute in Basel. She’s keeping me healthy and ontime on this difficult journey. Thanx, Baby

  2. Megan

    The world from Dad’s point of view. 🙂
    No Bavarian Buttfish?

    Ich Liebe Dich!

  3. Matt Martinez

    Elephants in hats pretty funny, and the Rain Bike is really cool not something I would ride maybe something I would accidently hit. Hee Hee

  4. Nice blog. Elephants in hats…I’ve seen this a few times, but too many beers will do that to you.

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