Here We Are In Hannover

Hannover 010

Here's the venue in Hannover "Capitol" the food was good.

We took the train and the number 17 bus to the gig and had a good dinner back stage.  I am currently enjoying a Guinness Stout and sitting in the dressing room listening to the band. The crowd is really enjoying the show. Last night they played 6 encores.  It may happen again. Here’s Hannover.

Hannover 001

Hannover 002

Hannover 004More later

We’re back!!!

We have traveled through Hamburg and now we are in Malmo Sweden. The train gets on a ferry, everybody disembarks, and then you get on an elevator the door opens and hundreds of people are eating and shopping duty-free.  The trains were all late yesterday, so we landed in Copenhagen at 11:30 pm. We had lunch in Hamburg at the Block House and met 2 guys from Colorado in Germany on business.  From Copenhagen Denmark we took a local train. We saw the 12:00 pm group crossing the international bridge. The most intoxiated man we ever saw was also in our presence.  At one point he stood up and started walking bumped into Mic a few times then centered himself (sort of) and stumbled away.

Hannover 012

Jens drove this car 180 kph with Mic and I squirming in the backseat. It's a Ford and not designed to go over 120 mph. RFF...we are never driving with him again.

Hannover 018

Unknown River Running through Hannover

Hannover 020

Mic liked this sign, because it say's "he wins"

Hannover 052

Back stage at the Capitol

Hannover 066

4 encores..

Emilio moved and his head was....




5 responses to “Here We Are In Hannover

  1. Truly enjoying your travelogue, photos, and commentary! Thanks for taking the time and making the effort.

  2. Megan

    Looks nice and warm there, almost tropical.

  3. Are you taking your photos with the IPhone or a digital camera? I love seeing the photos of Europe, I still hope to go there someday. Have a great time you two.

  4. Great pics!! Are you following the whole europeantour? I will see the band in Oslo, Norway on tuesday. I cannot wait!!

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