Just Arrived in Munich

Munich 004We walked from the train station to the gig. Munich is a vibrant city. The walk here was nice. Walking on cobblestone in heels is tricky. There’s many old buildings mixed with new. It’s not quite as cold as Ingolstadt was, but it is pretty cold compared to California.  Here’s what we saw along the way. I will get some pictures of the gig and send them before I leave the venue.  They are just starting the Munich 001sound check and we are going to eat soon. Mic ordered me the salmon. Free wifi woohoo!

Munich 002

Munich 003

Munich 005

Munich 007

Munich 012




2 responses to “Just Arrived in Munich

  1. Megan

    I know where that stuff is! Munich’s a pretty cool city. You should go find the campground I stayed in in the winter time… 🙂 Pure genius.
    I can’t get a hold of you guys, been trying for hours.

    Love you.

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