Hello Again from Munich

Munich 029

Tower Dining Before the Show

We miss you Megan. Yes, that’s your mama in a new hat.

More pics…Mic has some good pictures and I’ll get them posted soon.

Munich 020

Back Stage

Munich 024

Pumpkin Soup really good, but extremely rich.

Munich 028

Salmon with mashed peas and potatoes

Munich 031

Germany Digs Tower.




3 responses to “Hello Again from Munich

  1. vic

    Hi.. Mic and Julie.. We had to take off to catch our train last night, so sorry for not saying goodbye.. Just wanted to say thx again for two fantastic evenings.. Your hospitality and warmth, as well as everyone we met in TOP was very much appreciated, making it something me and Whitt will always remember.. Best of luck on the rest of the European Tour and I’m sure we will connect in CA next year.. Aufweidersen, Vic and Whitt…..

    ps..i talked to latanya from the gig last night and she sends her love to both of you..

  2. Tellef

    Hi, just wanted to say thank you for a great evening in Rockefeller in Oslo. I havent seen you for too many years, but me and wife and our 4 other friends left for home happy humming and stomping our feet to the groove forever.

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