Basel Switzerland

Ingolstadt 11 8 09 036

Street Scene-Carnival

Well I didn’t have the strength to post yesterday when we finally made it back to the hotel in Ingolstadt after a short visit to Basel Switzerland. When yesterday becomes a funny story, then I can talk about it.  Let’s just say we are taking the bus to Munich today and we need to stop at the Eurorail office to get new passes. But first we must stop at the police station to file a report.  The last scene in the bad comedy was a one hour bus ride from the train station back to the hotel, which normally takes 10 minutes.


Now I’ll talk about Basel. We arrived and were walking down the crowded street looking for Swiss food and couldn’t find anything like Swiss Steak or whatever is native to the country, but found lot’s of Italian dishes. We passed by several restaurants and noticed smokers through the windows. Basel has not outlawed smoking in public places yet. This is a problem for California non-smokers.  It is impossible for Mic and I to enjoy a meal, while someone is blanketing the area with toxic fumes. I hear there are regions in Switzerland like Zurich in which it has become forbidden. The venue also allowed smoking and it made it hard for the horn players to work. Tower opened for Tom Jones  and honestly I was surprised how short he is, and the  hugeness of his head. Hopefully some day we can return and have a more enjoyable experience.


Ingolstadt 11 8 09 038

Artist List at the Venue...If you look closely you'll see Kevin Costner...what?

Ingolstadt 11 8 09 041

Basel Downtown



Ingolstadt 11 8 09 043

Tomato Basil Soup-No Basil, only warm and yucky

Ingolstadt 11 8 09 046

Turkey and gravy, mushy vegetables and potato pancakes..or big large round tater-tots

It was chicken not turkey.

Ingolstadt 11 8 09 045
Inside the Avo-Session Theatre
Ingolstadt 11 8 09 050

This was the cutest thing we saw in Basel





2 responses to “Basel Switzerland

  1. Hello Julia. We’ve seen Tower Of Power in Basel for the first time and this was an really great concert. The hornsection was awesome and the rhythmsection just great. I’m a huge fan from the band and especially from the saxophone solos Lenny Pickett played. My favorite is “knock your self out” from “live and in livinge color”. In the past this kind of semi-free palying was to much for wife, but on sunday evening it changes. The Tower has a new fan, my wife. Kind regards. Andreas.

  2. Mary

    Sorry to say – but that food does not look very appealing……..and I do not like a smoke filled room when I am trying to enjoy a meal……So glad they no longer allow smoking in the Calif….Its always nice to go visit other countries – but – there is no place like the good old U.S.A……Love your narrative – keep them them coming ……..Miss you guys, Hugsssssss, M & T

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